Kayla Dunigan
Apr 5, 2017

One of the unique aspects of Skedula is the Anecdotal feature. Anectodals allow teachers and staff to capture both quantitative and qualitative information about a student's behavior, and monitor that information over time for the student, a class or even the entire school.

The good news is that anecdotals do not have to be negative.

Learn more about the dramatic results in student performance and school climate at Robert Van Wyck MS after implementing anecdotals for positive reinforcement of student behavior in this post.

The anecdotal log system

In Skedula,
The anecdotal log system is designed to help you and your school securely store and quickly retrieve narratives on any of your students, allowing your staff to see important information without wasting the time of finding a hard copy in an office file system. The anecdotal system includes many powerful features that make it valuable for every educator in the school:

  • Customize the anecdotal types to match your school's culture
  • Staff can subscribe to notifications when anecdotals are posted
  • The optional weighting system allows you to automatically calculate earned merits or demerits
  • Allow student to indicate when they have completed assigned resolution(s)
  • Use the optional Badge System to track student's overall performance on weighted anecdotals
  • The secure sharing features allow you to share anecdotals with staff, parents and/or students
  • Built-in full text search helps you quickly find needed anecdotals
  • Utilize the pre-built reports to assess the school climate
  • And, the anecdotal system if fully integrated with IO Insights through both the Virtual Data Wall and Metrics

Many NYC schools are using this anecdotal system daily for tracking all types of information, including both behavioral and academic information.

Let's look at an example of a large middle school that has seen dramatic benefits from using the Anecdotal system.

Robert Van Wyck MS
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Robert Van Wyck Middle School has been using the anecdotal system for several years and has seen significant improvements in both student behavior and in school climate.
At to top things off, they have increased the score on the NYC Quality Review once the staff and students embraced the anecdotal system.
Recently, the progress at Robert Van Wyck MS caught the attention of the editor at the popular education news outlet, Education Dive, and they ran this feature story: http://www.educationdive.com/news/suspensions-plummet-in-nyc-school-that-incentivizes-good-behavior/436376/ Thanks to principal Patrick Burns and his staff for sharing their story.

You can start using the Anecdotal system right now - for your class or for your entire school

If you are interested in exploring anecdotals for your school, below are several resources to get you started right now.

Short overview video on the Anecdotal system:


Anecdotal setup steps:


Full webinar on setting up the anecdotal system:


The IO team is happy to help you setup and use anecdotals.

Call us at 866-817-0726, extension 2 or email us at supportteam@ioeducation.com with any questions you may have.

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