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May 21, 2018


Asset 6With IO Insights we are enmeshing student preparedness (academics) with Soft Skills (social emotional) so we can monitor them over time and affect improvement. Marty Shudak 
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Thanks to all those who joined us for Marty Shudak’s webinar presentation last week (we had over 200 registrants). As the Director of Assessment and Accountability for the Council Bluffs Community School District in Iowa, Dr. Shudak walked us through the innovative way the District has been using the advanced reporting features in IO Insights to improve student outcomes.

The importance of both soft and hard data
Council Bluffs places special emphasis on social and emotional student data using both student self-assessments and surveys completed by teachers. This “soft” data from CASEL’s integrated framework (with indicators such as persistence, grit, and self-awareness) is just as important to the District and their students’ progress as “hard” academic data.

Council Bluffs teamed up with IO Education to implement a reporting system that can bring social and emotional learning and academic data together in one view - side by side - for a holistic view of student progress.

Data: Don’t just look at it!
Using the IO Insights data analytics and reporting solution, real-time data populates user Dashboards and can be instantly sorted by cohorts, custom groups, or individual students.Where other reports have you cross-check student progress on a curve, Dr. Shudak advises against it.

Asset 6Compare a student’s progress with herself. Improvement is the key - not where you are on a curve. The point of collecting the data is not just to look at it. The point is to doAsset 7 something about it. Marty Shudak 

At Council Bluffs, data informs action. Dr. Shudak explains that data should be used to help - not something there “just to look at.” And with IO Insights, the District can make meaning of data on a new level and use it to make targeted decisions that support the whole student.

What's next for Council Bluffs?
Council Bluffs has put a plan in place to monitor student preparedness and social emotional learning data over time.

  • Collect multiple data points three times a year to see the overall affect
  • Train teachers in PLCs to gather and work with data in the most actionable way
  • Follow up with students and gather post-graduate data to keep an eye on how they are doing and find out if we are making progress.
  • Keep parents involved - as parents are the greatest partners for student success.

We’re excited about the transformational work happening across Council Bluffs Community School District and thrilled to be a part of the effort to use data to drive action. With IO Insights, different data points, including academic and social and emotional learning, can be viewed together, in real time and manipulated for the most meaningful analysis.  

Thanks again to Dr. Shudak for sharing Council Bluff’s story with us. We look forward to hearing more about how the District’s efforts are impacting student achievement.  


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Marty Shudak, Ed.D.

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Marty Shudak, Ed.D. is the Director of Assessment and Data Management at Council Bluffs School District (IA). He also serves as the Program Evaluator for the district and coordinates the Title funding.

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