Kayla Dunigan
Oct 2, 2017

IO Education is pleased to announce the release an all-new dashboard reporting solution to our IO Insights partners. This solution makes significant strides in improving the usability and effectiveness of previous dashboard reports.

The new IO Education dashboard reporting solution includes:

  • An ultra-fast data visualization layer that immediately loads all of your student data
  • Dynamic reporting filters on every report to allow users to specifically target subgroups of students or specific dimensions of schools and classrooms
  • Role-based access to reports and to underlying student data that will ensure your staff will see the appropriate reports and will only see student data for which they have permission
  • Drill-down / drill-up through the data starting with data aggregated to the district level and drilling down to the individual students
  • Data disaggregation so all district staff can see, print, download and email the underlying data based on their permissions
  • An easy-to-use report catalog to make it easy to find the reports.

IO Insights offers a package of standard reports that includes most frequently requested reports. IO Education is developing additional reports according to a monthly report roadmap. As new reports are created, IO Education will release the reports to the customer base. Additionally, IO Education will be offering the ability for data-savvy districts to create their own reports using data that has been aggregated to the IO Education data warehouse.

We value your feedback, and thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please email us at SupportTeam@ioeducation.com

Topics: Ed Tech Innovation