Anna Shearer
Apr 18, 2018

Our 8th Annual EXPO in NYC is just around the corner. Of all the reasons to be excited about this year's event - one of our favorites is the new content offerings for NYC customers provided by Inspect. With over 78,000 items and a K-2 Item Bank with pre-built assessments for early learners - there is much to look forward to when it comes to even better IO Assessments. 

Key Features of NYC Inspect Offering:

  • 78,000+ ELA and Math items
  • Topic-based history items
  • 124 K-1 Observational Assessments
  • 3000+ items aligned to permissioned passages
  • 636 Fixed-form Quick Checks
  • Quick Check Bundle Available
  • NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) Solution Bundle available
  • 500+ pre-built assessments including:
    • K-2 Early Literacy and Early Numeracy Assessments
    • Interim Formative Assessments
    • Comprehensive Assessments
    • Checkpoint Assessments
    • English Language Dev. Benchmarks
    • Performance Tasks
    • MS Math Acceleration Placement Test
    • Focused Interim Assessments 

  • Inspect

Learn More about IO Assessments and Inspect at the

IO EXPO April 24th. 


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