Teaching & Learning

Professional Learning Communities and Data Team Meetings: How PLCs and data meetings are best used to identify struggling students and intervene

A principal in Reading, Massachusetts asked her teachers to give up one hour every six weeks in order to meet and share their student data. During this time, the teachers came together, asked...[read more]

Michael Williamson on Dec 21, 2016

Policy & Accountability

Funding possibilities under ESSA explored

The one-year anniversary of the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is here. Like most major laws, the impact of ESSA on policy and practice, as well as on funding, is still being...[read more]

Doug Mesecar on Dec 15, 2016

PupilPath and Skedula Updates - December 2016

IO Education is excited to announce updates to the PupilPath and Skedula iOS applications.[read more]

Kayla Dunigan on Dec 8, 2016

IO Education Receives a Pair of Industry Awards for Its Student Achievement Products


Eric Miller on Dec 6, 2016

Teaching & Learning, In the News

Raise Your Hand Texas Winners Dive Into Personalized Learning

Tens of thousands of Texas students will start powerful new learning experiences this Fall, with many of them engaging in innovative learning at their own pace in earning credits for graduation,...[read more]

Doug Mesecar on Nov 30, 2016

Using Data To Visualize Your Student Roadmap - Consolidate, Analyze, Plan

 Download This article as published in SEEN Educators nationwide are aware of the multitude of options when it comes to school data management systems. As the founder of an Edtech software company...[read more]

Guest Blogger on Nov 23, 2016


Data walls are important… And why you shouldn’t be using them

What are data walls? The appearance and complexity of data walls can vary from school site to school site, but the general characteristics of these walls the same: areas where cards with students’...[read more]

Michael Williamson on Nov 16, 2016

Teacher, Time and Technology: Building Blocks of Learning

To get the most out of blended learning and personalization, school leaders must not start with blended learning or technology for its own sake, but instead must undertake a careful design process...[read more]

Doug Mesecar on Nov 2, 2016

From Good to Great Through Personalized Learning in Loudoun County, Virginia

Click here to download the article as PDF.[read more]

Doug Mesecar on Oct 26, 2016

The Power of - and Responsibility for - Using Student Data to Improve Educational Outcomes

The following post summarizes my testimony before the Wisconsin Legislature’s Study Committee on School Data.[read more]

Doug Mesecar on Oct 19, 2016

Professional Development Resources for Personalized Blended Learning

Now is the time when districts start crafting budgets for the upcoming school year. For those embarking on personalized blended learning, or those already underway, serious consideration should be...[read more]

Doug Mesecar on Oct 19, 2016

Middletown, NY Personalizes Learning To Narrow Achievement Gaps

Click here to download the full study as PDF.[read more]

Doug Mesecar on Oct 12, 2016