Eric Miller
Jul 13, 2014

PALS Marketplace, a division of CaseNEX, LLC proudly announces the release of PALS español. The PALS español assessments measure the fundamental components of Spanish literacy development for kindergarten and grades 1-3. Funded by the United States Department of Education’s Institute for Education Sciences (IES) grant, PALS español was developed through rigorous research led by Dr. Karen Ford, a bilingual reading researcher at the University of Virginia, alongside PALS original author, Dr. Marcia Invernizzi, UVA’s Henderson Professor of Education.

To ensure fidelity to the Spanish language, an advisory board consisting of experts in bilingual literacy and native Spanish speakers from a variety of Spanish-speaking countries conducted thorough reviews of all tasks and items. Both assessments have been field-tested with thousands of students across the United States and show strong technical adequacy.

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