Anna Fox
Feb 2, 2018

Next week it's time for the annual TCEA Conference in Austin, Texas. We are looking forward to three full days of exhibiting and a chance to meet educators and members of the Texas Computer Education Association. Founded in 1980, TCEA has been supporting technology in education for nearly 40 years.

We're proud to be exhibiting at a conference hosted by an organization dedicated to improving student outcomes.  From About TCEA:

You want to engage your students and prepare them for the future.
You need more time and more options for reaching kids where they are. You know technology can help, but how?

At IO Education, we couldn't be more on the same page. We know that educators often answer yes to these questions - and we believe that we can provide the "How!" 

If you'll be at TCEA Feb 5-9, please stop by Booth 208 to say hello or check out one of the scheduled demos below: 

Texas: See How Lightning Fast Reporting Can Prepare You for HB22
House Bill 22 is going to amp up the requirements your district needs for reporting on assessment results, school progress, and closing achievement gaps. IO Education is here to help!

  • Standard reports and dashboards give you immediate access to the data that you need for regulatory reporting and improvement programs
  • User-friendly report builders also provide the flexibility you need to create custom reports and analyze your data as you see fit
  • Filter and sort data with our Virtual Data Wall ™ that matches faces to data points.

Stop by Booth 208 and we'll show you how we can help earn you an A in each of the HB22 domains.

Wednesday, February 7th @ 11:30 am
Thursday, February 8th @ 2:00 pm

Check out the IO Assessment online platform that aligns with TEKS and provides robust reports
Stop by Booth 208 to see the online assessment that Texas teachers and administrators love to use!

  • Clean teacher and student interfaces makes conducting assessments easy
  • Item authoring tool allows teachers to easily create newer types of items required for college and career readiness
  • Partnerships with multiple item bank vendors provide multiple options of content
  • Proactively scaled platform to support peak assessment windows during late fall and late spring
  • Multiple options for gathering student responses - online, scanning, GradeCam, hand entry, and file uploads
  • Create, deliver, score and analyze a wide variety of exams, including placement, formative, interim / benchmark, summative and physical fitness tests.

Wednesday, February 7th @ 2:00 pm
Thursday, February 8th @ 11:30 am

See you next week! Won't be at TCEA? Let's set up a 1:1 virtual demo.

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